Whetstone (2021)

Almost always becoming over again. 4K Digital Animation
5:18 loop (at 30 minutes intervals)

Testing, placing, marking, operating, finding, melting, grinding, casing, machining, showing, warning, touching, being.
Framed and cropped archival photographs
10” x 8”

Parade. (Left to right).
3D Printed Gypsum sculptures

Whetstone (2021) Remote Work - Grundy Gallery - Blackpool.
An installation of digital and photographic works located around a collection of photographs made by the industrial photographer Walter Nurnberg (1907 – 1991). Nurnberg’s interest in creating a relationship between the human body and the machines that are the subjects of his photographs has been an ongoing interest within the project.

Whetstone consists of a series of works placed within the gallery space; a cluster of 10 cropped archival images; a series of 3D printed sculptures and a 4K digital animation.

Penny’s work exists at the meeting point between the physical and digital realms and is developed through his focus on an expanded approach to photography.  Changes to how we think about touching objects, brought through the pandemic has led to an increased engagement with digital practices during his time in lockdown.  Objects and images are reframed  and find new materiality having only previously existed virtually, pointing to the always shifting relationships between the body and technology.