A Quality of Distance (2015)
Photographic Installation on railway platform and artists book. 

A Quality of Distance (2015)

A project made during the METAL artists residency at Edge Hill Railway Station, located a short distance outside of Liverpool. The site is significant as the world’s first train station and the place from which George Stephenson’s ‘Rocket’ departed for Manchester in 1830 as the first passenger railway service.

A Quality of Distance refers to passengers’ early accounts of a perception of space when travelling by train. Moving approximately three times faster than a horse drawn carriage, the relationship between foreground and background became visually disjointed. Objects in the foreground became difficult to visually grasp as the train travelled past them and familiar attention to the world became abstracted.  

Each image is a quiet reference to specific moments; personal encounters and research discovered around on the history of the line and the technology of rail travel.

Certain signs and signals have become prominent motifs, refering to the  operation of the railways and photography as a process.