A Fallen Line of Marble Drums (2020 - )

exhibtion documentation at Snehta - Athens
A Fallen Line of Marble Drums uses the production of image, object and digital works as an exploration of the increase in frequency and the mediatisation of what are considered extreme weather events brought about as a product of the global climate crisis.

During a visit to Athens in 2018, Penny became fascinated with the archaeological site of the Temple of the Olympian Zeus, and specifically the fallen column, blown over by a storm in 1852. The marble blocks, lying beside one another are considered to operate like a photograph - their position and image perform as a record, tracing the event of the long since passed storm. The subject here is the wind, an intangible force beyond direct visual representation. The timing of Penny’s first visit to the Temple coincided with the day of the wildfires that swept through the village of Mati to the east of Athens. 103 people tragically lost their lives as a result of violent winds that uncontrollably fuelled the spread of fire.

The animation Pentelic Scarves was made in memory of that day, 3D modelled from a photograph taken of a tourist display-stand of silk scarves, caught amidst the rising winds. The object resides within an ominous lilac tinged space, referencing the skies in Athens; sunlight obscured through the smoke and fires a short distance away.